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The aim of this review is to assess the prevalence of complications and responses to various antihypertensive drug therapies in ethnic minority groups in the United States. In some instances, these comments are extended to responses of citizens in their countries of origin. The incidence of hypertension, mortality from hypertensive heart disease, stroke,(More)
In the fall of 1970, as the Vietnam War raged, civil war rocked the tiny Middle Eastern kingdom of Jordan. What began as a brazen airline hijacking by radical Palestinian guerrillas culminated in a brief but fitful contest for control of Jordan, fought between King Hussein's loyal Jordanian regular troops and the Palestinians, who were eventually supported(More)
Dancehall music is a Jamaican musical form borne out of reggae music; however the content and character of the dancehall genre positions it as the ugly and wayward stepchild of its progenitor; reason being, is that dancehall music assaults the delicate sensibilities of ‚decent‛ Jamaicans (upstanding, usually middle to upper-middle class citizens, as well as(More)
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