Kelsey Harrington

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Frankia sp. strain CcI49 was isolated from Casuarina cunninghamiana nodules. However the strain was unable to re-infect Casuarina, but was able to infect other actinorhizal plants including Elaeagnaceae. Here, we report the 9.8-Mbp draft genome sequence of Frankia sp. strain CcI49 with a G+C content of 70.5 % and 7,441 candidate protein-encoding genes.(More)
Moderator: Michael Schneider (University of Trier, Germany, Discussant: Stella Vosniadou (University of Athens, Greece) Participants: Andrew Shtulman & Kelsey Harrington (Occidental College, USA) Michael Schneider (University of Trier, Germany) & Ilonca Hardy (University of Frankfurt, Germany) Lindsey J. Powell & Susan Carey(More)
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