Kelsey Bolin

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The miR-200 microRNA family plays important tumor suppressive roles. The sole Drosophila miR-200 ortholog, miR-8 plays conserved roles in Wingless, Notch and Insulin signaling - pathways linked to tumorigenesis, yet homozygous null animals are viable and often appear morphologically normal. We observed that wing tissues mosaic for miR-8 levels by genetic(More)
Robust and synchronous repression of E2F-dependent gene expression is critical to the proper timing of cell cycle exit when cells transition to a postmitotic state. Previously NuA4 was suggested to act as a barrier to proliferation in Drosophila by repressing E2F-dependent gene expression. Here we show that NuA4 activity is required for proper cell cycle(More)
The transformation of a developing epithelium into an adult structure is a complex process, which often involves coordinated changes in cell proliferation, metabolism, adhesion, and shape. To identify genetic mechanisms that control epithelial differentiation, we analyzed the temporal patterns of gene expression during metamorphosis of the Drosophila wing.(More)
We previously reported the gene deletion encoding cytochrome P-450 cholesterol side-chain cleavage enzyme (P-450SCC, resulting in complete elimination of the adrenal gene expression and causing congenital adrenal hyperplasia in the rabbit. Using the rabbit congenital adrenal hyperplasia model, we investigated the wild type (wt) P-450SCC gene dose effect on(More)
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