Kelsey Bertrand

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The expression of cytochrome c is developmentally regulated during the life cycle of Trypanosoma brucei. The level of regulation appears to be post-transcriptional since cytochrome c mRNA is present in all life stages of the parasite. We have used RNA from each life stage to prime in vitro translation systems and found that the cytochrome c mRNAs are(More)
African trypanosomes are protozoan parasites that cause a number of diseases of man and domesticated animals in large regions of sub-Saharan Africa. The diseases have proven to be particularly difficult to prevent or to effectively treat due to features of both the trypanosome and the insect vector, the tsetse fly. The habitat of the tsetse and its(More)
Trypanosoma brucei mitochondrial transcripts can be posttranscriptionally processed by uridine addition or deletion. With editing of mRNAs, uridine addition and deletion create precisely altered reading frames. The addition of nonencoded uridines to mitochondrial guide RNAs results in a less precise modification. Although uridines are specifically added to(More)