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The color change induced by triple hydrogen-bonding recognition between melamine and a cyanuric acid derivative grafted on the surface of gold nanoparticles can be used for reliable detection of melamine. Since such a color change can be readily seen by the naked eye, the method enables on-site and real-time detection of melamine in raw milk and infant(More)
X-ray computed tomography (CT) is one of the most powerful noninvasive diagnostic imaging techniques in modern medicine. Nevertheless, the iodinated molecules used as CT contrast agents in the clinic have relatively short circulation times in vivo, which significantly restrict the applications of this technique in target-specific imaging and angiography. In(More)
We report here the development of Gd-doped ZnO quantum dots (QDs) as dual modal fluorescence and magnetic resonance imaging nanoprobes. They are fabricated in a simple, versatile and environmentally friendly method, not only decreasing the difficulty and complexity, but also avoiding the increase of particle's size brought about by silica coating procedure(More)
The widespread forgery in all kinds of paper documents and certificates has become a real threat to society. Traditional fluorescent anti-counterfeiting materials generally exhibit unicolor display and suffer greatly from substitution, thus leading to a poor anti-counterfeiting effect. In this work, unseen but significant enhanced blue down-conversion(More)
Frequent oil spillages and the industrial discharge of organic solvents have not only caused severe environmental and ecological damage, but also create a risk of fire and explosion. Therefore, it is imperative, but also challenging, to find high-performance absorbent materials that are both effective and less flammable. Here we present a superior(More)