Kelly Warrington

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BACKGROUND Angiogenesis is important in health and several disease states. CD105 is a proliferation-associated and hypoxia-inducible transmembrane protein abundantly expressed in angiogenic endothelial cells. CD105 is a receptor for transforming growth factors (TGF)-beta1 and -beta3. The exact mechanisms for CD105 regulation of vascular development have not(More)
We report use of esophagomyotomy and esophagopexy to create a diverticulum for relief of chronic type I esophageal stricture in 2 horses. After esophagomyotomy, the mucosa was dissected free from the muscularis for approximately 180 degrees around the myotomy. Then, the tunica muscularis of esophagus was sutured to the sternocephalicus muscle ventrally and(More)
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