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The old adage of "If you build it, he will come"<sup>2</sup> is not necessarily true when it comes to a Learning Management System. These systems require a little more care and support to encourage faculty to adopt and utilize them as a tool for their classrooms. In order to avoid the pitfalls of neglect and indifference that was exhibited towards our(More)
The Apple iPad has the potential to change how faculty teach using technology. With the small size and touch screen, iPads can be more flexible in a classroom setting than a laptop. With the plethora of apps (short for applications) being created for the iPad, there is tremendous potential for how this new technology can be used to enhance the teaching and(More)
This paper will discuss the journey taken by one small school, Lewis &#38; Clark College, to implement a Service Desk. There are many aspects that go into a Service Desk, or so we learned when we transitioned a year ago from multiple separate service points to a one-stop shopping model of service. This change was part of an overall IT reorganization and had(More)
While we all work in the field of technology, at the heart of what're do is customer service. However this is a skill that we seldom take the time to reflect on or improve. While many consider customer service to be common sense, it still warrants a regular review of the basics. Using the book DELIVERING KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF SERVICE by Ron Zemke, this paper(More)
Why do staff ask for more technical training, yet don't attend scheduled training sessions? Why is our by-request training program underutilized? At the same time, why must we consistently turn away staff from our annual faculty training camp? These are questions that the Client Services team in Information Technology at Lewis &#38; Clark College has(More)
The debate over whether to buy commercial help desk software or to create a custom solution in house is currently being argued on many campuses. Commercial products are easier to implement and support but are often cost prohibitive and inflexible. While an in-house solution can be built to fit exact needs, issues of support and maintenance arise. Lewis &(More)
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