Kelly Van Loock

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In children, visual information is crucial for static postural control, although age-related differences exist in the impact of visual perturbation on postural sway. Since static postural control and locomotion are closely related, we expect age-related differences in the impact of visual deprivation on dynamic stability and gait. It is hypothesised that(More)
Significant differences exist between eyes open (EO) and eyes closed (EC) conditions in postural sway, self-selected dimensionless walking speed and duration of double support in both children and adults. The decrease in speed could be attributed to a decrease in dimensionless stride length. The question remains whether the slower gait is a reflection of(More)
BACKGROUND Fixation of bone flaps after craniotomy is a routine part of every neurosurgical procedure and there are various options to fixate the bone flap. In this paper, we report on a new cranial bone flap fixation d(Cranial Loop) implanted in 35 consecutive patients. METHODS The principle of cranial loop is the same as that of a tie rope. With a(More)
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