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This study aims to elucidate and expand current knowledge of the uterosacral ligament (USL) from a surgical viewpoint. Studies were performed on 12 unembalmed cadaveric pelves and five formalin-fixed pelves. The USL, 12–14-cm long, can be subdivided into three sections: (1) distal (2–3 cm), intermediate (5 cm), and proximal (5–6 cm). The thick (5–20 mm)(More)
The cardinal ligament (CL) still requires more precise anatomical mapping. We aim to elucidate the anatomy of the CL and the roles it plays in gynecological surgery. Studies employed sharp dissection of 28 formalin-fixed cadaveric hemipelves and 10 unembalmed cadaveric hemipelves. The CL (total length averaging 10.0 cm) can be subdivided into three(More)
This study aims to assess anatomically the likely effects of dual vaginal vault support using the uterosacral (USL) and sacrospinous ligaments (SSL) at colporrhaphy. Observations were made from 13 formalinized cadaver hemipelves to determine the vaginal vault support likely to be provided by traction on the (a) USLs and (b) the posterior vaginal vault(More)
The objective of this study is to examine the surgical safety and early efficacy of the midline uterosacral (ligament) plication anterior colporrhaphy (MUSPACC) procedure. A retrospective review of the perioperative data of 41 women who had undergone an MUSPACC procedure without any other vaginal vault supportive procedure was performed. The MUSPACC(More)
The vaginal vestibule has not been the subject of a dedicated journal article. Recent terminology has suggested its division into anterior and posterior components. The case for this division has not yet been assessed. Both components extend laterally from the hymen to the junction with the labia minora. The posterior vaginal vestibule is proposed to extend(More)
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