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Stereo matching is a well researched area using visibleband color cameras. Thermal images are typically lower resolution, have less texture, and are noisier compared to their visible-band counterparts and are more challenging for stereo matching algorithms. Previous benchmarks for stereo matching either focus entirely on visible-band cameras or contain only(More)
Nonlinear radar exploits the difference in frequency between radar waves that illuminate and are reflected from electromagnetically nonlinear targets. Harmonic radar is a special type of nonlinear radar that transmits one or multiple frequencies and listens for frequencies at or near their harmonics. Nonlinear radar differs from traditional linear radar by(More)
Abstract: Sudoku puzzles, often seen in magazines and newspapers, are logic-based challenges where each entry within the puzzle is comprised of symbols adhering to row, column and box constraints. Previously, we had investigated their potential in frequency-hopped waveforms to achieve desirable radar ambiguity functions and compared them with random, as(More)
Modelling uneven terrain for geo-location of mines detected via vehicular mounted sensors Smriti Kansal a , Gerald Cook a , Charles Amazeen b & Kelly Sherbondy b a Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , School of Information Technology and Engineering, George Mason University , 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA b Countermine(More)
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