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The irreversible oxidation of cysteine residues can be prevented by protein S-thiolation, in which protein -SH groups form mixed disulfides with low-molecular-weight thiols such as glutathione. We report here the identification of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase as the major target of protein S-thiolation following treatment with hydrogen peroxide(More)
Increasing the representation of Spanish-speaking study participants requires development and dissemination of reliable and valid translated scales. In the urrent study the construct validity was assessed of the Spanish version of the Crisis n Family Systems-Revised, a measure of contemporary life stressors, with a convenience sample of 377 parents(More)
Dear Recruiting Chair: We are pleased to provide the curriculum vitae and dissertation abstracts of the Penn Economics Ph.D. students who seek employment in this year's job market. Also find in the attached table, a summary indicating fields of interest and advisors' names. Full dissertation abstracts and research papers will be supplied directly from the(More)
A high titer, specific antiserum, raised against a synthetic analogue of a unique peptide region within the human IGF-IB prohormone, detected specific immunoreactivity in extracts of mouse, chicken, sheep, and human liver. Specificity was confirmed by the ablation of immunoreactivity in the presence of excess synthetic immunogen. Here we report the(More)
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