Kelly N Buckle

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The objective was to compare three diagnostic approaches for intrauterine infection and inflammation: scoring of vaginal contents; quantification of percentage of nucleated cells that were polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) following endometrial cytology; and intra-uterine bacteriology. Dairy cows (n = 303) were examined twice, Days 28 (D28) and 42 (D42),(More)
Although pathogen transmission dynamics are profoundly affected by population social and spatial structure, few studies have empirically demonstrated the population-level implications of such structure in wildlife. In particular, epidemiological models predict that the extent to which contact patterns are clustered decreases a pathogen’s ability to spread(More)
CASE REPORT Juvenile inland bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) from a breeding collection in south-east Queensland were presented at age 6-10 weeks with neurological signs, poor growth and occasional deaths. Histopathological examination revealed that six of eight lizards had multifocal non-suppurative hepatitis associated with 5-10 μm diameter, smudgy,(More)
CASE REPORT An 18-month-old Charolais steer was presented with lameness and fluctuant swelling of the right stifle joint, which yielded neutrophils on fine-needle aspiration. A diagnosis of bacterial proliferative tenosynovitis and arthritis was made on postmortem and histological examination. Culture and 16S rRNA sequencing identified a Nocardia sp. with(More)
CASE HISTORY Between September and October 2013, 40 of 150 crossbred Friesian dairy calves on a farm in the Manawatu region of New Zealand developed neurological signs when between 1 and 3 months of age. Calves were grazed in multiple mobs and calves from each mob were affected. A variable response was observed to initial treatment with thiamine,(More)
Brucella spp infections of marine mammals are often asymptomatic but have been associated with reproductive losses and deaths. Zoonotic infections originating from marine isolates have also been described. Hector's dolphins (Cephalorhynchus hectori) are an endangered species with a declining population, and the role of infectious disease in population(More)
CASE HISTORY Cases were obtained through passive surveillance reporting by veterinary pathologists, via the Ministry for Primary Industries Exotic Pest and Disease Hotline. They included ill or dead cows that had evidence of frank haemorrhage, petechial haemorrhages on mucous membranes, wasting or dermatitis of unknown cause, and were reported between(More)
Primary bone tumors are only occasionally reported in avian species. This paper presents the cases of an osteosarcoma in a 6-yr-old free-range chicken and a chondrosarcoma in a 3-yr-old barred Plymouth Rock chicken. The well-differentiated, moderately productive osteoblastic osteosarcoma arose from the synsacral vertebrae and had metastasized to the liver.(More)
A juvenile, male, yellow-eyed penguin (Megadyptes antipodes) with abnormal stance and decreased mobility was captured, held in captivity for approximately 6 weeks, and euthanized due to continued clinical signs. Radiographically, there was bilateral degenerative joint disease with coxofemoral periarticular osteophyte formation. Grossly, the bird had(More)