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The Five Factor Model of personality has been used extensively in the management and psychology fields to predict attitudes and behaviors. Only recently have researchers begun to examine the role of psychological factors in influencing an individual's use of technology platforms, such as Facebook. This study uses both a survey of Facebook users and actual(More)
American civil religion (ACR) burst on to the scholarly scene in 1967, and has been periodically revived as a source of analytic insight and normative hope since that time. It posited a universalist, prophetic, nonsectarian faith, referenced on the nation, that served as both a source of unity for the American people and a discursive resource for political(More)
Theory and research identify emotion dysregulation as one of the primary mechanisms underlying borderline personality disorder (BPD) and related pathology. Yet, despite the extensive research documenting an association between emotion dysregulation and BPD, many questions regarding the precise role of emotion dysregulation in the development and treatment(More)
Connectedness to one's community relates to positive psychological and behavioral outcomes. But what implications do connectedness to distinct communities-the criminal community and the community at large-have for inmates about to be released from jail? This study (N = 383) prospectively examined connectedness to the criminal community and community at(More)
Upon conviction, individuals receive the stigmatizing label "criminal offender." Existing stereotypes about criminal offenders may be integrated into the self-concept, a phenomenon known as self-stigma. In many stigmatized groups, self-stigma is a robust predictor of poor functioning (Livingston & Boyd, 2010; Schomerus et al., 2011). However, little is(More)
Previous research finds that self-control is positively associated with adaptive and negatively associated with maladaptive behavior. However, most previous studies use cross-sectional designs, low-risk samples, and limited assessments of self-control. This study of 553 jail inmates examined the relationship of a valid measure of self-control (Brief(More)
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