David R. Bangsberg2
Elise D. Riley2
Torsten B. Neilands2
Nicole Dinuccio1
2David R. Bangsberg
2Elise D. Riley
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The Five Factor Model of personality has been used extensively in the management and psychology fields to predict attitudes and behaviors. Only recently have researchers begun to examine the role of psychological factors in influencing an individual's use of technology platforms, such as Facebook. This study uses both a survey of Facebook users and actual(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma is the most important chronic disease of childhood. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that children with asthma continue to be susceptible to ozone-associated adverse effects on their disease. OBJECTIVES This study was designed to evaluate time trends in associations between declining warm-season O(3) concentrations(More)
The political ideology of neoliberalism is widely recognized as having influenced the organization of national and global economies and public policies since the 1970s. In this article, we examine the relationship between the neoliberal variant of globalization and science. To do so, we develop a framework for sociology of science that emphasizes closer(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to describe the prevalence of obesity among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) adults with diabetes and to examine the temporal trends for class I, II, and III obesity in this high-risk group during a 10-year period. METHODS We used data on body mass index (BMI) from the annual Diabetes Care and Outcomes(More)
Some gender differences in the progression of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection have been attributed to delayed treatment among women and the social context of poverty. Recent economic difficulties have led to multiple service cuts, highlighting the need to identify factors with the most influence on health in order to prioritize scarce(More)
In the past decade, progressive public health advocates and food justice activists have increasingly argued that food deserts, which they define as neighborhoods lacking available healthy foods, are responsible for the diet-related health problems that disproportionately plague low-income communities of color. This well meaning approach is a marked(More)
  • Elise D. Riley, Torsten B. Neilands, Kelly Moore, Jennifer Cohen, David R. Bangsberg, Diane Havlir
  • 2012
BACKGROUND Previous studies indicate multiple influences on the overall health of HIV-infected persons; however, few assess and rank longitudinal changes in social and structural barriers that are disproportionately found in impoverished populations. We empirically ranked factors that longitudinally impact the overall health status of HIV-infected homeless(More)
  • Rhys H Williams, Lori Beaman, Mark Chaves, Jay Demerath, Janet Jacobs, Kelly Moore +2 others
  • 2013
American civil religion (ACR) burst on to the scholarly scene in 1967, and has been periodically revived as a source of analytic insight and normative hope since that time. It posited a universalist, prophetic, nonsectarian faith, referenced on the nation, that served as both a source of unity for the American people and a discursive resource for political(More)
BACKGROUND Although the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a long history of using risk-based approaches for regulatory purposes, pollutant limits for pathogens in biosolids are not currently based on quantitative risk assessments. OBJECTIVES We developed and demonstrated a risk-based methodology for assessing the risk to human health from exposure(More)
Field theory is waxing in the sociology of science, and Pierre Bourdieu's work is especially influential: his characterization of field structure and dynamics has been especially valuable in drawing attention to hierarchical and center-periphery relations in science and technology, and to the stability and reproduction of science and technology practices.(More)