Kelly M. Rickey

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We present the first time-resolved cryogenic observations of Fö rster energy transfer in large, monodisperse lead sulfide quantum dots with ground-state transitions near 1.5 µm (0.8 eV), in environments from 160 K to room temperature. The observed temperature-dependent dipole-dipole transfer rate occurs in the range of (30-50 ns)-1 , measured with our(More)
Enhancing the charge transfer process in nanocrystal sensitized solar cells is vital for the improvement of their performance. In this work we show a means of increasing photo-induced ultrafast charge transfer in successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) CdS-TiO2 nanocrystal heterojunctions using pulsed laser sintering of TiO2 nanocrystals. The(More)
We demonstrate that laser peening coupled with sintering of CdTe nanowire films substantially enhances film quality and charge transfer while largely maintaining basic particle morphology. During the laser peening phase, a shockwave is used to compress the film. Laser sintering comprises the second step, where a nanosecond pulse laser beam welds the(More)
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