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Fluoro-Jade B (FJB) is an anionic fluorescein derivative that has been reported to specifically stain degenerating neurons. We were interested in applying FJB staining in a well-characterized model of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in order to estimate the total number of neurons in different regions of the hippocampus that die after a mild or moderate(More)
We conducted a brief computer-based assessment involving choices of concurrently presented arithmetic problems associated with competing reinforcer dimensions to assess impulsivity (choices controlled primarily by reinforcer immediacy) as well as the relative influence of other dimensions (reinforcer rate, quality, and response effort), with 58 children.(More)
The detection of neuron-specific proteins in blood might allow quantification of the degree of neuropathology in experimental and clinical contexts. We have been studying a novel blood biomarker of axonal injury, the heavily phosphorylated axonal form of the high molecular weight neurofilament subunit NF-H (pNF-H). We hypothesized that this protein would be(More)
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