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Have You Come a Long Way, Baby? Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Sexism in 2008 Campaign Coverage
The 2008 U.S. presidential election was historic on many levels. The country elected its first African American president who narrowly defeated a female candidate in the Democrat primary race. TheExpand
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Liking Obama and Romney (on Facebook): An experimental evaluation of political engagement and efficacy during the 2012 general election
This study extends existing research on the role of social media in politics by exploring the possible effects of candidate communication through Facebook on the engagement and efficacy of potential voters. Expand
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Running on the Web
This study examines how women running in mixed-gender races during the 2012 general election cycle employed self-presentation strategies to present a viable image for election, examining webpages from U.S. House candidates' campaign websites. Expand
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Will the “Real” Candidates for President and Vice President Please Stand Up? 2008 Pre- and Post-Debate Viewer Perceptions of Candidate Image
This study of the 2008 first presidential and vice presidential debate builds on past research on viewers’ perceptions of candidate images. Going back to the Kennedy-Nixon debates in 1960, imageExpand
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Running as a Woman (or Man): A Review of Research on Political Communicators and Gender Stereotypes
Women gained the right to vote nearly 100 years ago, but it was not until 1980 that political scholars and practitioners began paying much attention to the role of women in elections and it was theExpand
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“I’m F---ing Moving to Iowa:” Gender and Candidate Image in the 2020 Iowa Caucus
The 2020 presidential race started in Iowa, like it has since 1972. The slate of candidates was the most diverse ever and included six women. This study examines the relationship between candidates’Expand
Crazy for Caucusing: Media Use and Voter Opinions in the 2016 Iowa Caucus
The Iowa Caucus has been the first chance for voters to voice their choice for president since 1976, and every 4 years since the nation’s attention has turned to Iowa in the months leading up to theExpand
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Engaging in Political Talk on Facebook: Investigating the Role of Interpersonal Goals and Cognitive Engagement
ABSTRACT The decision to engage in informal political talk within one’s interpersonal network is not easily undertaken, particularly when that communication takes place through social networkingExpand