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Dynamic Pricing and Consumer Fairness Perceptions
Dynamic pricing practices by sellers in response to segment and individual-level differences have been made more feasible as internet buyer behavior increases. While benefits from these pricingExpand
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An Assessment of Chronic Regulatory Focus Measures
Prior consumer research has demonstrated the ability of promotion and prevention regulatory orientations to moderate a variety of consumer and marketing phenomena but also has used several differentExpand
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Seeing the World Through GREEN-Tinted Glasses: Green Consumption Values and Responses to Environmentally Friendly Products
Abstract The primary goal of this research is to conceptualize and develop a scale of green consumption values, which we define as the tendency to express the value of environmental protectionExpand
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Consumer spending self-control effectiveness and outcome elaboration prompts
Decision making related to finances is of significant importance. A major factor underlying financial decision making involves differences in consumers’ spending self-control (CSSC). We conceptualizeExpand
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Helpful Hopefulness: The Effect of Future Positive Emotions on Consumption
Although positive affect may enhance self-control, some research suggests that this is not always the case. To clarify this relationship, we investigate the role of temporal focus on the effect ofExpand
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Vice-Virtue Bundles
We introduce a simple solution to help consumers manage choices between healthy and unhealthy food options: vice-virtue bundles. Expand
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Keeping it All Without Being Buried Alive: Understanding Product Retention Tendency
This research introduces product retention tendency, a consumer lifestyle trait characterized by an individual's propensity to retain consumption-related possessions. We develop a parsimoniousExpand
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Motivating Customers to Adhere to Expert Advice in Professional Services
This study focuses on the mechanisms by which professional service providers effectively influence customers to adhere to their expert guidance and advice. Eliciting customer adherence is a criticalExpand
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The Squander Sequence: Understanding Food Waste at Each Stage of the Consumer Decision-Making Process
Food waste presents a complex global problem that involves multiple actors and institutions within the aggregate food marketing system. Food waste occurs across food production and distribution, asExpand
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When Value Trumps Health in a Supersized World
Marketers often offer consumers the option to “supersize” a food purchase intended for immediate consumption. Supersized products may be attractive to consumers from the standpoint of the unitExpand
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