Kelly L. Bickel

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  • Kelly Bickel, Michael Firrisa, Juan Ortiz, Kristen Pueschel
  • 2008
In this paper, we study necessary conditions for small sets of congruences with distinct moduli to cover the integers, and we construct larger covering systems that address a problem of Erdős: “What is the largest minimum modulus needed for a set of congruences with distinct moduli to cover the integers?” We show that the fewest number of distinct moduli(More)
Anger is an emotional phenomenon that is often associated with hostility and aggression, which are thought to be major influencing factors for numerous negative health behaviors and outcomes. Previous research has explored the role of these negatively portrayed emotional factors through experimental models dependent on respective biological and(More)
OBJECTIVE Variants of frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) are associated with distinct clinical, pathological, and neuroanatomical profiles. Lines of emerging research indicate a rare variant with focal atrophy of the right temporal lobe (RTLA). The objective was to present case data and discussion of an individual with RTLA in order to assist with(More)
In derUntersuchung zeigten sich ein ausgeprägter Druckschmerz, eine Resistenz und eine Abwehrspannung im rechten Unterbauch. Fieber bestand bei der Aufnahme nicht (36,4 °C). Laborchemisch zeigten sich erhöhte Entzündungswerte mit einem CRP von 15,8 mg/l (Norm bis 10 mg/l) und eine Leukozytose von 13,6 Gpt/l (Norm = 3,5–11,5 Gpt/l). Sonographisch war eine(More)
Let W denote a matrix A2 weight. In this paper we implement a scalar argument using the square function to deduce related results for vector-valued functions on L(R,C). These results are then used to study the boundedness of the Hilbert transform and Haar multipliers on L(R,C). Our proof shortens the original argument by Treil and Volberg and improves the(More)
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