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We identified mutations in the VSX1 homeobox gene for two distinct inherited corneal dystrophies; posterior polymorphous dystrophy (PPD) and keratoconus. One of the mutation (R166W) responsible for keratoconus altered the homeodomain and impaired DNA binding. Two other sequence changes (L159M and G160D) were associated with keratoconus and PPD,(More)
Why irrigate with treated drinking water when you can meet your irrigation needs through an effective greywater system? What is greywater*? Greywater includes all wastewater generated in the home, except toilet water (which is considered " blackwater "). In Utah, kitchen sink and dishwasher water are also categorized as " blackwater ". Greywater is an(More)
Under controlled test conditions, unfed male and female Hyalomma truncatum ticks exhibited a positive scototaxis to stationary, two-dimensional targets. Upright-positioned rectangles were the most attractive targets. The attractiveness of these targets increased with their size. Significantly more ticks responded scototactically positively to the targets(More)
Behavioural investigations into the perception and differentiation of coloured objects by unfed adult Hyalomma truncatum ticks revealed that silhouettes of blue, green, red and yellow colour, under illumination by a sun-simulating waveband spectrum, are perceived by the ticks and responded to equally by a directed response. Two green or dark grey rectangles(More)
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