Kelly J. Sutton

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Controversies exist concerning the influence of age on the stress and coping process, in part due to differences in methods across studies. We examined age differences in stress, appraisal, and coping, using both semistructured interview questions and a coping checklist in middle-aged, young-old, and old-old men. Despite extensive probing, nearly a quarter(More)
We examined variations in maternal sensitivity at 6 months of child age as a function of child negativity and maternal physiology. We expected maternal vagal withdrawal in response to infant negative affect to facilitate the maintenance of sensitivity, but only for mothers of securely attached children. One hundred and forty-eight infant-mother dyads were(More)
BACKGROUND Variations in systemic inflammatory response biomarker levels have been associated with adverse clinical outcome in various malignancies. This study determined the prognostic significance of preoperative neutrophil:lymphocyte (NLR), platelet:lymphocyte (PLR) and monocyte:lymphocyte (MLR) ratios in endometrial cancer. METHODS Clinicopathological(More)
Sexually-transmitted pathogens often have severe reproductive health implications if treatment is delayed or absent, especially in females. The complex processes of disease progression, namely replication and ascension of the infection through the genital tract, span both extracellular and intracellular physiological scales, and in females can vary over the(More)
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