Kelly J Lamb

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Telomeres are nucleo-protein complexes that protect the ends of chromosomes. The telomeric DNA component shortens each time a somatic cell replicates, eventually leading to cell senescence. Telomere length has been associated with morbidity and mortality rates from age-related diseases. We tested the hypotheses that mean peripheral blood leukocyte telomere(More)
The influence of movement on joint space formation during limb development has been the subject of much interest. Our aim was to investigate the short-term influence of movement upon cavitation by immobilizing chick embryos in ovo, both in a rigid manner where dynamic stimulation is removed, and a flaccid manner where both dynamic and static stimulation are(More)
Factors that influence viability and function of cryopreserved peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) were identified on 54 samples from 27 AIDS Clinical Trial Units. PBMC viability ranged from 1 to 96% with a median of 70%, was higher in laboratories with experienced staff, and was not significantly associated with CD4 cell number. Function of(More)
The responsiveness of human eccrine sweat glands to intradermally injected choline and carbachol was studied in vivo using a plastic paint impression method. Both drugs exerted consistent dose-related effects, choline being significantly less potent than carbachol. The responses to both drugs attained a maximum level approximately 3 min after the injection,(More)
One of the biggest challenges for an organisation and for clinicians and practitioners is implementing a new program or a new practice. Following an 18 month research project and the recruitment of an Eating Disorders Coordinator the MCH and Mater CYMHS have developed and implemented a number of protocols across its service to ensure consistency in the(More)
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