Kelly J. Hayhurst

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This paper presents an overview of NASA Langley’s research program in formal methods. The major goals of this work are to make formal methods practical for use on high integrity systems, to orchestrate the transfer of this technology to U.S. industry through use of carefully designed demonstration projects, and to exploit this technology to help achieve(More)
This paper presents some of the unique verification, validation, and certification challenges that must be addressed during the development of adaptive system software for use in safety-critical aerospace applications. The paper first discusses the challenges imposed by the current regulatory guidelines for aviation software. Next, a number of individual(More)
Testing of software intended for safety-critical applications in commercial transport aircraft must achieve modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC) of the software structure. This requirement causes anxiety for many within the aviation software community. Results of a survey of the aviation software industry indicate that many developers believe that(More)
Software is becoming increasingly significant in today's critical avionics systems. To achieve safe, reliable software, government regulatory agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Defense mandate the use of certain software development methods. However, little scientific evidence exists to show a correlation(More)
As demands increase to use unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for a broad spectrum of commercial applications, regulatory authorities are examining how to safely integrate them without loss of safety or major disruption to existing airspace operations. This work addresses the development of the Safeguard system as an assured safety net technology for UAS. The(More)
T he complexity of today’s software systems mandates not only a structured approach to development but a verification and validation process that will ensure both that the right product is built and that it is built right.1 A V&V process is especially critical for highconsequence systems in which a software failure can result in the loss of life2 and for(More)