Kelly Grandy

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Free-flying bees were conditioned on a vertical wall to a vertical tactile pattern consisting of parallel lines of grooves and elevations. The asymptote of the learning curve is reached after approximately 25 rewards. Bees can discriminate the conditioned vertical pattern from a horizontal or diagonal alternative. Angle discrimination is apparent only for(More)
Honeybees fixed in small tubes scan an object within the range of the antennae by touching it briefly and frequently. In our experiments the animals were able to scan an object for several minutes with the antennae. After moving the object out of the range of the antennae, the animals showed antennal movements for several minutes that were correlated with(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective is to investigate the effects of proprioceptive exercises rehabilitation on isokinetic strength and postural balance in athletes with sprain ankle. MATERIALS AND METHODS The ankles of 16 subjects were tested: eight in the functional instability (FI) group and eight non-injured (NI) subjects in the control group. Subjects were asked(More)
Erythromelalgia is a rare disorder that typically affects the skin of the feet, hands, or both, that is characterized by red skin, warmth, and a burning quality of pain. It usually affects both sides of the body, but may manifest unilaterally. Cooling of the affected areas usually results in symptom relief. We report a case of a young boy with(More)
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