Kelly Davis McCauley

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Although abundant evidence exists indicating the prevalence of trauma exposure among youth in residential care, few models exist for creating trauma-informed milieu treatment. This article outlines the problem and describes the implementation of Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) in three residential centers. TST is unique in emphasizing youth emotions and(More)
High performance computing applications often must handle on the order of peta bytes of data during their operation. Such large data sets inherently require distributed storage. Emerging distributed storage solutions in this realm, such as our L-Store framework, virtualize the distributed nature of the storage by offering the notion of a single file system(More)
Handling Editor: Ronald Riggio Authentic leadership theory posits that the authenticity of leaders and followers is influenced by their personal histories. Attachment theory states that individuals have internal working models that are influenced by both early developmental experiences and relationships later in life. These models guide how people interact(More)
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