Kelly D. Roberts

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"The purpose of this article is to place Chinese labor migration from agriculture within the context of the literature on labor mobility in developing countries by comparing it to undocumented Mexican migration to the United States. The similarities fall within three general areas: the migration process, the economic and social position of migrants at their(More)
Research indicates that persons with disabilities who obtain some level of postsecondary education are more likely to be employed compared to those who have no postsecondary education experience. The problem is that often people with disabilities are not able to overcome the barriers that exist in obtaining postsecondary education. When they do enroll in(More)
Universal Design for Instruction (UDI) in postsecondary education is a relatively new concept/framework that has generated significant support. The purpose of this literature review was to examine existing empirical research, including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods, on the use of UDI (and related terms) in postsecondary education. The(More)
The literature highlights the benefits of text-to-speech (TTS) software when used as an assistive technology facilitating struggling readers' access to print. However, the effects of TTS software use, upon students' unassisted reading proficiency, have remained relatively unexplored. The researchers utilized an experimental design to investigate whether 9th(More)
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