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2-Aminopyrimidine based 4-aminoquinolines were synthesized using an efficacious protocol. Some of the compounds showed in vitro anti-plasmodial activity against drug-sensitive CQ(S) (3D7) and(More)
We have synthesized a library of thiosemicarbazones and screened them against three parasitic cysteine proteases, cruzain, falcipain-2, and rhodesain, and against the respective parasite sources of(More)
A series of 4-amino-7-chloroquinolines with dibenzylmethylamine (dibemethin) side chains were shown to inhibit synthetic hemozoin formation. These compounds were equally active against cultures of(More)
Malaria and the Neglected Tropical Diseases Human African Trypanosomiasis and Schistosomiasis Mathew Njoroge,† Nicholas M. Njuguna,† Peggoty Mutai,† Dennis S. B. Ongarora,† Paul W. Smith, and Kelly(More)