Kelly Boeneman

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We demonstrate the use of a hybrid fluorescent protein semiconductor quantum dot (QD) sensor capable of specifically monitoring caspase 3 proteolytic activity. mCherry monomeric red fluorescent protein engineered to express an N-terminal caspase 3 cleavage site was ratiometrically self-assembled to the surface of QDs using metal-affinity coordination. The(More)
We characterized the resonance energy transfer interactions for conjugates consisting of QD donors self-assembled with three distinct fluorescent protein acceptors: two monomeric fluorescent proteins, the dsRed derivative mCherry or yellow fluorescent protein and the multi-chromophore b-phycoerythrin light harvesting complex. Using steady-state and(More)
For luminescent quantum dots (QDs) to realize their full potential as intracellular labeling, imaging and sensing reagents, robust noninvasive methods for their delivery to the cellular cytosol must be developed. Our aim in this study was to explore a range of methods aimed at delivering QDs to the cytosol. We have previously shown that QDs functionalized(More)
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