Kelly Albrecht

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We conducted a multicenter controlled trial to test the hypothesis that high-dose intravenous immune globulin (HDivIG) therapy can modulate bilirubin production and reduce the frequency of exchange transfusions in newborn infants with Rh hemolytic disease. Thirty-four patients with Rh incompatibility proved by positive direct antiglobulin test (Coombs test)(More)
BACKGROUND Practice guidelines are becoming more prominent in the provision of medical care. However, the limited data that exist suggests that conformance in ophthalmic care may be low. METHODS A retrospective study of 120 charts of patients with open-angle glaucoma was conducted to evaluate conformance with recommendations from the American Academy of(More)
BACKGROUND Practice guidelines are becoming more prominent in the provision of medical care. A previous study demonstrated a high rate of conformance with recommended patterns of care for patients with open-angle glaucoma in an academic, public clinic setting. This study seeks to examine conformance within the private, community-based setting in which the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate conformance with a practice guideline in the eye care of patients with diabetes. METHODS The care of 210 patients with diabetes seen in a multispecialty eye care setting was compared with the recommendations of the American Academy of Ophthalmology's Preferred Practice Pattern. Criteria measured included appropriate classification(More)
Pharmacological prolonged erections or priapism due to anesthesia were treated in 36 patients with intracorporeal injections of phenylephrine. Detumescence was obtained rapidly in every case and no marked side effect was reported. Considering the possible toxicity of other adrenergic agents, phenylephrine is strongly recommended in the treatment of priapism.
Pathological findings in 41 patients (male/female ratio: 1.3/1) with primary localized gastric non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) were retrospectively studied and correlated with survival. The median observation period after diagnosis was 32 (0-189) months. Nineteen patients were low-grade NHL, all but one B-cell lymphomas of the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue(More)
The continuous traction of firmly grown-in collar electrodes from the right ventricle is a simple technique poor in complications with a high success rate, which can be recommended taking into consideration the indications in the failure of the immediate manual extraction and which can be performed in every centre for cardiac pacemakers. Apart from the(More)
The case of an intrapericardial tumour in a female newborn is reported. It was a differentiated teratoma. Diagnosis was based on the clinical symptoms, x-ray film, echocardiography, and histology. The tumour was operated on complete resection. Apart from a pneumothorax, no complication occurred during or after the operation.