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OBJECTIVE Recent national survey data indicate an overall asthma prevalence of 12.2% for children who are younger than 18 years. Previous research in clinical samples of children with asthma suggests that their mothers are at greater risk for symptoms of depression. We describe the relationship between maternal symptoms of depression and having a child with(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationships among demographic characteristics, caregiver life stressors, and depressive symptoms of mothers and their children's asthma morbidity. SETTING Three pediatric asthma subspecialty programs, 2 in the inner city and 1 in the suburbs. DESIGN Cross-sectional census sample of caregivers of children with asthma:(More)
Asthma disproportionately affects non-whites in urban areas and those of low socioeconomic status, yet asthma's social patterning is not well-explained by known risk factors. We hypothesized that disadvantaged urban populations experience acute and chronic housing stressors which produce psychological stress and impact health through biological and(More)
The sorption of yttrium and the rare earth elements (YREEs) by amorphous ferric hydroxide was investigated between 10 and 40 degrees C over a range of pH (4.7-7.1) in the absence of solution complexation. Distribution coefficients, defined as iKFe = [MSi]T/([M]T[Fe3+]s), where [MSi]T is the concentration of sorbed YREEs, [M]T is the total dissolved YREE(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined racial and ethnic disparities in the total potential burden of asthma in low-income, racially/ethnically heterogeneous Chicago schools. METHODS We used the Brief Pediatric Asthma Screen Plus (BPAS+) and the Spanish BPAS+, validated, caregiver-completed respiratory questionnaires, to identify asthma and possible asthma among students(More)
Increasing the representation of Spanish-speaking study participants requires development and dissemination of reliable and valid translated scales. In the urrent study the construct validity was assessed of the Spanish version of the Crisis n Family Systems-Revised, a measure of contemporary life stressors, with a convenience sample of 377 parents(More)
The objectives of this study were to establish the validity of the Crisis in Family Systems-Revised, a recently developed measure of contemporary life stressors, using the same validation technique as in the original validation and to provide further evidence of construct validity by assessing its relationship to socioeconomic status and residential(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma is the most common disease of childhood, but the recognition and detection remain poor, especially among schoolchildren. There has been an increase in the number of instruments available to detect the risk of asthma earlier in children. We have previously validated a simple, self-reported screen, the Brief Pediatric Asthma Screen (BPAS).(More)
BACKGROUND We compare disparities in health status between first-generation immigrants and others in the United States (US) and Canada. METHODS We used data from the Joint Canada-US Survey of Health. The regression models adjusted for demographics, socioeconomic status, and health insurance (the US). RESULTS In both countries, the health advantage(More)
BACKGROUND Racial disparities in access to regular health care have been reported in the U.S., but little is known about the extent of disparities in societies with universal coverage. PURPOSE To investigate the extent of racial disparities in access to care under conditions of universal coverage by observing the association between race and regular(More)