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PURPOSE Studies have demonstrated that a combination of mental and physical challenge can elicit exacerbated state anxiety, effort sense, and cortisol responses above that of a single stimulus. However, an analysis of the effects of aerobic fitness on the responses of cortisol to concurrent mental and physical stress between below average and above average(More)
A patient with complex pulmonary atresia and increasing cyanosis due to stenoses of aortopulmonary collateral vessels improved after implantation of balloon expandable stents into the stenosed vessels. Stent implantation may provide an alternative to surgical palliation in this group of patients.
It has been reported that young children taking beta-blockers may be at risk of hypoglycaemia when fasting. However, hypoglycaemia is not listed as a side effect of beta-blockers in the British National Formulary for Children. We present five patients (out of approximately 570 patients at our institution who were prescribed regular beta-blockers over the(More)
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