Kellie Koerner

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The purpose of this study was to provide an experimental test of the theory of change put forth by A. T. Beck, A. J. Rush, B. F. Shaw, and G. Emery (1979) to explain the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CT) for depression. The comparison involved randomly assigning 150 outpatients with major depression to a treatment focused exclusively on the(More)
Manipulation checks should be used in psychotherapy trials to confirm that therapists followed the treatment manuals and performed the therapy competently. This article is a review of some strategies that have been used to document treatment integrity; also, their limitations are discussed here. Recommendations for improving these checks are presented.(More)
From a radical behavioral perspective, a single, diagnostic system is unlikely to serve diverse purposes. Instead, ideal diagnostic systems should be developed to serve specific purposes. For example, the crucial proof required of a classification system designed to improve the outcome of psychosocial intervention would be that it enhance the clinician's(More)
Specimens stored in museum collections represent a crucial source of morphological and genetic information, notably for taxonomically problematic groups and extinct taxa. Although fluid-preserved specimens of groups such as teleosts may constitute an almost infinite source of DNA, few ancient DNA protocols have been applied to such material. In this study,(More)
The detection of hybridization among freshwater fish species is of main concern for conservation programs and fish farming. We assessed the incidence of natural hybridization between two vulnerable species of Andean pupfishes (Cyprinodontidae; Orestias agassizii and O. luteus) that represent an important component of local fisheries. We combined(More)
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