Kellie Eckert

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We analyze the operation of quantum gates for neutral atoms with qubits that are delocalized in space, i.e., the computational basis states are defined by the presence of a neutral atom in the ground state of one out of two trapping potentials. The implementation of single-qubit gates as well as a controlled phase gate between two qubits is discussed and(More)
An analogy is explored between a setup of three atomic traps coupled via tunneling and an internal atomic three-level system interacting with two laser fields. Within this scenario we describe a STIRAP like process which allows to move an atom between the ground states of two trapping potentials and analyze its robustness. This analogy is extended to other(More)
We propose a method for the detection of ground state quantum phases of spinor gases through a series of two quantum nondemolition measurements performed by sending off-resonant, polarized light pulses through the gas. Signatures of various mean-field as well as strongly correlated phases of F=1 and F=2 spinor gases obtained by detecting quantum(More)
A quality control procedure for 99mTc-IDA complexes based on the use of C18 Sep-pak cartridges is developed and the validation of the procedure presented. C18 Sep-pak cartridges are pretreated by washing with 95% ethanol followed by 10(-3) N hydrochloric acid. A small amount of the 99mTc-IDA complex is applied, washed with 10(-3) N hydrochloric acid and(More)
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