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The small intestine epithelium undergoes rapid and continuous regeneration supported by crypt intestinal stem cells (ISCs). Bmi1 and Lgr5 have been independently identified to mark long-lived multipotent ISCs by lineage tracing in mice; however, the functional distinctions between these two populations remain undefined. Here, we demonstrate that Bmi1 and(More)
The discovery of RNA-mediated gene-silencing pathways, including RNA interference, highlights a fundamental role of short RNAs in eukaryotic gene regulation and antiviral defence. Members of the Dicer and Argonaute protein families are essential components of these RNA-silencing pathways. Notably, these two families possess an evolutionarily conserved PAZ(More)
The skin is a classical example of a tissue maintained by stem cells. However, the identity of the stem cells that maintain the interfollicular epidermis and the source of the signals that control their activity remain unclear. Using mouse lineage tracing and quantitative clonal analyses, we showed that the Wnt target gene Axin2 marks interfollicular(More)
A remarkable feature of regenerative processes is their ability to halt proliferation once an organ's structure has been restored. The Wnt signalling pathway is the major driving force for homeostatic self-renewal and regeneration in the mammalian intestine. However, the mechanisms that counterbalance Wnt-driven proliferation are poorly understood. Here we(More)
We studied 60 motor units from abductor pollicis brevis, first dorsal interosseous, and abductor digiti minimus muscles in 18 patients with upper motor neuron lesions. Both fractional process parameters and serial correlation coefficients were estimated. The results suggest that both serial correlation coefficients and fractional process parameters can be(More)
Multiple culture techniques now exist for the long-term maintenance of neonatal primary murine intestinal organoids in vitro; however, the achievement of contractile behavior within cultured organoids has thus far been infrequent and unpredictable. Here we combine finite element simulation of oxygen transport and quantitative comparative analysis of(More)
This study attempted to determine changes in motor unit discharge patterns, characterized by serial correlation coefficients (SCC) and fractional parameters during a functional recovery in stroke patients. Using the surface electrode technique, 171 single motor units were recorded from bilateral upper extremities of 23 stroke patients and 7 normal(More)
Normal values of sensory nerve action potential (SNAP) amplitudes vary widely. There are many factors which can influence the amplitude of the SNAP, such as the type of recording techniques, temperature, distance between recording electrodes, skin impedance, etc. In this study, we investigated the correlation between wrist thickness (palmar to dorsum(More)
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