Kelley M Moran

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A literature review indicates that the exactness of visual estimation of angles has not adequately been addressed. This study used a series of angles to examine how accurately and consistently practicing orthopedic surgeons were able to visually estimate angles. The data indicate that orthopedic surgeons were able to visually estimate angles to within 10(More)
[reaction: see text] A new allylstannane reagent on non-cross-linked polystyrene was developed for the first time. This support differs markedly from standard cross-linked polymers because it is completely soluble in organic solvents; moreover, the reactions can be conveniently monitored directly by standard 1H NMR methods. The allylstannane underwent a(More)
The following case is presented to illustrate the necessity of arthrotomy of the hip when an iliopsoas abscess lies adjacent to the hip joint capsule. Arthrotomy of the hip through a separate incision adds minimal morbidity, does not expose the hip to the abscess, and assures the surgeon that the hip has been debrided. This is important considering the 15%(More)
New physical evidence to support a ketyl radical-anion mechanism for the [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement is presented. With use of EPR spectroscopy, spectra are observed that can be attributed to 8, an acyl radical-anion species resulting from a [3,3]-rearrangement; this also functions as a key intermediate in the process. The spectrum of an additional(More)
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