Kelley Chinen Okimoto

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Cerebellar disorders characterized by degeneration or loss of Purkinje cells have been reported in many In the dog, they have occurred in Airedales,' Gordon setters,*z4 rough coated collies,6 border collie^,^ beagle^,^ Sam~yeds,~ and Irish setters.'O An 18-month-old female and a 9-month-old male were mated in our beagle colony. The female was purchased from(More)
We report an intra-articular ganglion cyst (IAGC) presenting as knee pain and a mass in a patient with longstanding Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). We could not find a similar case of an IAGC occurring in the knee of JIA patients in the literature. IAGC may need to be included as a possibility in patients with inflammatory arthritis with new-onset knee(More)
It has been shown that a test capsule originally designed as a simple and reliable aid to evaluate masticatory ability could help to identify the characteristics of chewing loops between individuals in evaluation of masticatory movement, and detect even a slight disorder in the stomatognathic system. In this study, the Sirognathograph(R) Analysing System(More)
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