Kelley A Fennell

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Pathogenic microbes rapidly develop resistance to antibiotics. To keep ahead in the “microbial war”, extensive interdisciplinary research is needed. A primary cause of drug resistance is the overuse of antibiotics that can result in alteration of microbial permeability, alteration of drug target binding sites, induction of enzymes that destroy antibiotics(More)
Amamistatins A and B, natural products isolated from a strain of Nocardia, showed growth inhibition against three human tumor cell lines (IC(50) 0.24-0.56 microM). Structurally related mycobactins affect the growth of both mycobacterial and human cells through interference with iron chelation. To further probe the biological activity of this class of(More)
[reaction: see text] Amamistatins A and B are natural products found to have anti-proliferative effects against MCF-7, A549, and MKN45 human tumor cell lines (IC50 0.24-0.56 microM). It was proposed that their activity was due to histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibition mediated by the N-formyl-N-hydroxy lysine moiety. Amamistatin B fragment analogs were(More)
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