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Antioxidant activities of extracts from five anti-viral medicinal plants.
The antioxidant activities of five medicinal plants (Ampelopsis sinica, Ampelopsis humiliforlia var. heterophylla, Potentilla freyniana, Selaginella labordei and Chrysanthemum multiflorum), used inExpand
Histone Methyltransferase SETDB1 Promotes the Progression of Colorectal Cancer by Inhibiting the Expression of TP53
It is indicated that SETDB1 is essential for colorectal carcinogenesis, and may be a newly target for treatment and prognostic evaluation in CRC. Expand
Comparison for Antitumor Activities of Some Chinese Medicinal Herb Extracts
Total alkaloids and total glycosides extracts from Rhizoma Paridis Chinensis showed stronger action on inhibiting proliferation and inducing apoptosis of tumour cells. Expand
Removal of heavy metal and sulfate ions by cellulose derivative-based biosorbents
A series of environmentally-friendly bagasse pith cellulose-based adsorbents were prepared in an attempt to retain Cu2+ and SO42− from aqueous solutions. The proof of ion adsorption on theExpand
One-step fabrication of carbonaceous solid acid derived from lignosulfonate for the synthesis of biobased furan derivatives
An eco-friendly and low-cost lignosulfonate-based acidic carbonaceous catalyst (LS-SO3H) was effectively fabricated using the sulfite pulping by-product of sodium lignosulfonate as a precursor byExpand
Formation of Humin and Alkyl Levulinate in the Acid-catalyzed Conversion of Biomass-derived Furfuryl Alcohol
To avoid undesired polymerization and maximize the selectivity of alkyl levulinate from the acid-catalyzed conversion of biomass-derived furfuryl alcohol, the effects of catalyst and reactionExpand
Paxillin mediates ATP-induced activation of P2X7 receptor and NLRP3 inflammasome
Paxillin plays key roles in ATP-induced activation of the P2X7 receptor and NLRP3 inflammasome by facilitating the formation of the BMDMs and BMDCs as well as in human PBMCs and THP-1-differentiated macrophages. Expand
Improved thermal stability of regenerated cellulose films from corn (Zea mays) stalk pith using facile preparation with low-concentration zinc chloride dissolving.
An improved facile cellulose dissolution with low chemical concentration process was used for preparing corn stalk pith regenerated cellulose (RC) films by using a low-concentration zinc chloride solution with improved thermal stability. Expand
Anti-Tumor Activities of Extracts from the Medicinal Plants Pinellia ternata and Pinellia pedatisecta
The ethyl acetate extracts from Rhizoma Pinellia Pedatisectae could inhibit Bel-7402 cell growth and induce cell apoptosis in a dosage-dependent manner, and a further study showed that the anti-tumor effect of extracts fromRhizoma Penillia Pedatiectae was related to cell cycle arrest in S phase and Caspase-3 induced apoptosis. Expand
Maximizing the yield of water-soluble cellouronic acid sodium salt with high carboxyl content by 4-acetamide-TEMPO mediated oxidation of parenchyma cellulose from bagasse pith
Parenchyma cellulose, isolated from bagasse pith BP, was utilized as an alternative resource for preparation of soluble cellouronic acid sodium salt (SCA) by selective oxidation with the catalyticExpand