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Open for innovation: the role of openness in explaining innovation performance among U.K. manufacturing firms
Using a large-scale sample of industrial firms, this paper links search strategy to innovative performance, finding that searching widely and deeply is curvilinearly (taking an inverted U-shape) related to performance. Expand
The role of openness in explaining innovation performance among UK manufacturing firms
A central part of the innovation process concerns the way firms go about organizing search for new ideas that have commercial potential. New models of innovation have suggested that many innovativeExpand
Searching high and low: what types of firms use universities as a source of innovation?
This paper examines the factors that influence whether firms draw from universities in their innovative activities. The link between the universities and industrial innovation, and the role ofExpand
The paradox of openness: Appropriability, external search and collaboration
To innovate, firms often need to draw from, and collaborate with, a large number of actors from outside their organization. At the same time, firms need also to be focused on capturing the returnsExpand
New human resource management practices, complementarities and the impact on innovation performance
In this paper, we take our theoretical point of departure in recent work in organisational economics on systems of human resource management (HRM) practices. We develop the argument that just asExpand
Structural Change in OECD Export Specialisation Patterns: de-specialisation and 'stickiness'
This paper examines whether the OECD countries are characterised by a high degree of stability of their export specialisation patterns at the country level or not. Furthermore, we test whether theExpand
Exploring the Effect of Geographical Proximity and University Quality on University–Industry Collaboration in the United Kingdom
Laursen K., Reichstein T. and Salter A. Exploring the effect of geographical proximity and university quality on university–industry collaboration in the United Kingdom, Regional Studies. This paperExpand
Linking Customer Interaction and Innovation: The Mediating Role of New Organizational Practices
Six hypotheses were developed and tested on a data set of 169 Danish firms drawn from a 2001 survey of the 1,000 largest firms and it is argued that the link from customer knowledge to innovation is completely mediated by organizational practices. Expand
The open innovation research landscape: established perspectives and emerging themes across different levels of analysis
Abstract This paper provides an overview of the main perspectives and themes emerging in research on open innovation (OI). The paper is the result of a collaborative process among several OI scholarsExpand
Keep searching and you’ll find: what do we know about variety creation through firms’ search activities for innovation?
This article critically reviews and synthesizes the contributions found in theoretical and empirical studies of firm-level innovation search processes. It explores the advantages and disadvantages ofExpand