Kelcie Young

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We have used a previously characterized antiserum against cycloxygenase-2 (COX-2) together with cold methanol fixation to immunohistochemically locate the protein in astrocytes in rat brain. Although in cerebral cortex most enzyme was located in neuronal perikarya as previously described, a number of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP)-positive(More)
An understanding of the role of reactive glia in the neurodegenerative/regenerative process requires a knowledge of the molecules synthesised by these cells following trauma. We investigated the cellular localisation of lipocortin-1 (LC-1), a putative neuroprotective agent, in cryostat sections of normal and kainic acid lesioned rat cerebellum. In the(More)
A novel method for detection and identification of specific alleles has been developed utilizing immobilized mismatch binding protein (IMBP). The assay involves the use of biotin-labeled probes, which are prepared by PCR amplification of cloned fragments with known sequence. The use of probes avoids many of the problems associated with the extreme(More)
We have used a combined molecular and immunocytochemical approach to examine the expression of lipocortin-1 (LC-1) in kainate-lesioned rat cerebellum. Using immunocytochemistry, Western and Northern blotting, we have shown upregulation of LC-1 mRNA and expression of LC-1 localised specifically to reactive astrocytes. These studies suggest that reactive(More)
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