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Bone grafting or bone substitute is typically used to bridge a bone defect that has been caused by trauma, tumor resection, pathological degeneration, or congenital deformations. However, bone graft healing and remodeling is always a major concern of orthopedic surgeons. Because the periosteum has a remarkable regenerative capacity and is widely recognized(More)
Hypericin (Hyp) is traditionally used as an antidepressant and antiviral agent. It selectively accumulates in spheroids and is also used as a photosensitizer in the photodynamic therapy of cancer. The present study aimed to investigate the cytotoxic effect of Hyp‑mediated photodynamic therapy (Hyp‑PDT) on cell growth and apoptosis of K562 leukemia cells,(More)
Primary inoculation tuberculosis is a skin condition that develops at the site of inoculation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in tuberculosis-free individuals. This report describes the diagnosis, treatment and >1 year follow-up of 30 patients presenting with acupuncture-induced primary inoculation tuberculosis. Our data provide a deeper insight into this(More)
AIMS/INTRODUCTION In previous studies, hydrogen gas (H2) administration has clearly shown effectiveness in inhibiting diabetes. Here, we evaluated whether subcutaneous injection of H2 shows enhanced efficacy against type 2 diabetes mellitus induced in mice by a high-fat diet and low-dose streptozotocin treatment. MATERIAL AND METHODS H2 was injected(More)
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