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In this paper, a delayed SIS (Susceptible Infectious Susceptible) model with stage structure is investigated. We study the Hopf bifurcations and stability of the model. Applying the normal form theory and the center man-ifold argument, we derive the explicit formulas determining the properties of the bifurcating periodic solutions. The conditions to(More)
In this paper, a modified delayed mathematical model for the dynamics of HIV with cure rate is considered. By regarding the time delay as bifurcation parameter, stability and existence of local Hopf bifurcation are studied by analyzing the transcendental characteristic equation. Then the global existence of bifurcating periodic solutions is established with(More)
In this paper, a delayed model of gene expression with positive feedback loop is investigated. The model takes the form of delay differential equations. By choosing the time delay as bifurcation parameter, small amplitude periodic solutions are obtained due to Hopf bifurcation. Furthermore, global existence of bifurcating periodic solutions is established(More)
Viruses have important influences on human health: they not only cause some common diseases, but also cause serious illnesses. Moreover, the conventional medicines usually fail to prevent or treat them, and viral infections are hard to treat because viruses live inside the body's cells. However, some mathematical models can help to understand the viral(More)
Evaluation is an essential step in the process of the design and development of a computer game system. By it, the defect of the system can be found immediately. So it directly decides the quality of a computer game. In the evaluation of the computer games, Usability Evaluation is a core content. Being lack of the relative theory and practice in China(More)
Information Communication for School Affairs (ICSA) is a kind of measure for promoting democratic management and facilitating Constructing of Harmony Campus (CHC). Starting from the desire of CHC, the relationship between ICSA and CHC is discussed, and the design and key technology for achievement of Information Communication System for School Affairs(More)