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In this paper, we proposed music emotion recognition and exploring system based on back propagation neural network and genetic algorithm (GA-BP). For each main rhythm of the music, emotion-related features are extracted and 8 emotion labels are assigned to them, then we find the function between the label and the emotion-related features by GA-BP, BP and(More)
We developed an upper-limb power-assist exoskeleton actuated by pneumatic muscles. The exoskeleton included two metal links: a nylon joint, four size-adjustable carbon fiber bracers, a potentiometer and two pneumatic muscles. The proportional myoelectric control method was proposed to control the exoskeleton according to the user's motion intention in real(More)
The purpose of the paper is to present a novel way to building Quantitative structure-retention relationship (QSRR) models. Studies was reported for predicting the retention times (RTs) of 110 pesticides which were detected by gas chromatography (GC) with mass selective detector (MSD). Chemical descriptors were calculated from the molecular structure of(More)
A quantitative model was developed to predict the depletion percentage of glutathione (DPG) compounds by gene expression programming (GEP). Each kind of compound was represented by several calculated structural descriptors involving constitutional, topological, geometrical, electrostatic and quantum-chemical features of compounds. The GEP method produced a(More)
In this study, we attempt to explore cross-media retrieval between music and image data based on the emotional correlation. Emotion feature analytic could be the bridge of cross-media retrieval, since emotion represents the user's perspective and effectively meets the user's retrieval need. Currently, there is little research about the emotion correlation(More)
Development of calligraphic robot is motivated by allowing humanoid robot and home service robot to mimic the writing skills of human beings. Similar to human beings, versatile sensors are involved in writing procedure of robot to percept stages of task fulfillment and status of writing-brush. It is well known that the structures of Chinese characters are(More)
Mathematical morphology is basically a set theory. It provides the concept of a structuring element to probe the image with arbitrary geometric patterns. A novel clustering algorithm based on mathematical morphology is presented. First, the data set is discretized, and then clusters are detected as well separated subsets by a hierarchical morphological(More)
Gene expression programming (GEP) is a novel machine learning technique. The GEP is used to build nonlinear quantitative structure-activity relationship model for the prediction of the IC(50) for the imidazopyridine anticoccidial compounds. This model is based on descriptors which are calculated from the molecular structure. Four descriptors are selected(More)