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Internet has become the essential platform for access, processing and dissemination of scientific data and literature. To greatly enhance academic search, a novel academic metasearch engine called e-Scholar is presented in this paper, which is combined with entity extraction techniques to link the relevant data in scientific databases with the literature.(More)
To solve the inconvenience frequent information communication between scientists and interruption objects (people) of health in nutrition scientific research activities, and collect or statistic these scattered data, we implement a web-powered e-Science short message questionnaire platform based on GSM-SM modem in this paper. It is different from(More)
Duckling is an online cloud service system of scientific collaboration for the scientists in Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). We provide SaaS (Software as a Service) encapsulated the super-computing and PB scale of storage resources with different granularities, which provide easy web interface for the scientists to submit their research jobs, and(More)
By using a recently developed method for discrete modeling of nonspherical particles, we simulate the random packings of granular regular polygons with three to 11 edges under gravity. The effects of shape and friction on the packing structures are investigated by various structural parameters, including packing fraction, the radial distribution function,(More)
By constructing e-Science projects, we have explored that the creation of a collaborative research platform, is in great demand. This paper explores the requirements and approaches to build a collaborative research platform named Duckling for e-Science projects. Our case study is the e-Science project in joint research center of the Chinese Academy of(More)
Integrating heterogeneous scientific dataset and high performance computing resources, and thus providing integrated Web services is an important goal for informazation project of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Cloud computing delivers computing and storage capacity as a transparent service to different communities of inter-disciplinary scientists,(More)
Applying for research funding projects is becoming one of the most important ways for scientists to carry on the research. How to find an appropriate collaborator/applicant is a major concern for scientists. Social networks provide one means of visualizing existing and potential collaborations. In this paper, we study the funding collaborators(More)