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Since interface superconductivity was discovered at the interface between two insulating layers LaAlO3 and SrTiO3, such interface-induced superconducting systems have been a research hotspot in superconductivity. Here, we report homogeneous interfaces formed by stacking chemically exfoliated monolayer TaS2 nanosheets randomly. Enhanced superconductivity of(More)
The mixed-metal title compound, BaCu1/3Ta2/3S3 [barium copper(II) tantalum(V) tris-ulfide], was prepared through solid-state reactions. The crystal structure adopts the BaTaS3 structure type and consists of face-sharing [MS6] (M = Ta,Cu) octa-hedra (point-group symmetry -3m.) that are condensed into infinite chains along [001]. Adjacent chains are linked(More)
Pressure is a powerful tool to study iron-based superconductors. Here, we report systematic high-pressure transport and structural characterizations of the newly discovered superconductor FeS. It is found that superconductor FeS (tetragonal) partly transforms to a hexagonal structure at 0.4 GPa, and then completely transforms to an orthorhombic phase at 7.4(More)
The mixed-metal sulfide compound with the formula Ba2Fe0.6V1.4S6 was successfully synthesized via solid-state reaction. Ba2Fe0.6V1.4S6 has a quasi-one-dimensional structure and crystallizes in the hexagonal space group P63/mmc. The structure is composed of face-sharing anion octahedron [MS6]8- (M = V or Fe) units to construct infinite chains along the c(More)
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