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This paper presents a new 3D reconstruction method using feature points extracted by the SIFT and Harris corner detector. Since the SIFT feature points can be detected stably and relatively accurately, the proposed algorithm first uses the SIFT matching points to calculate the fundamental matrix. On the other hand many of the feature points detected by the(More)
In this study, we present a novel, robust, and accurate method to register multiple images captured by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with modified camera matrixes, and then stitch UAV images to a seamless one. Firstly, the camera parameters, camera poses and sparse 3D points are solved using feature correspondence and SFM. Secondly, all images are(More)
Cell image segmentation is one of the hot topics in medical image processing. Most of the classical cell image segmentation algorithms perform the segmentation directly on the original image and result in the loss of the cell nuclei with low intensity contrast. To solve this problem, this paper presents a novel nuclei segmentation method. Based on analyzing(More)
This paper presents a 3D face reconstruction method based on multi-view stereo algorithm, the proposed algorithm reconstructs 3D face model from videos captured around static human faces. Image sequence is processed as the input of shape from motion algorithm to estimate camera parameters and camera positions, 3D points with different denseness degree could(More)
This paper presents a novel variational and Partial Differential Equation (PDE)based method to link edge points into closed contours. First, an ending point restrained energy function, which improves the one used in the Gradient Vector Flow (GVF) Snake model, is proposed to derive an ending point restrained Gradient Vector Flow (ERGVF) field. When there are(More)
RGB-D cameras can provide rich 2D visual and 3D point cloud information simultaneously, which are well suited to estimate ego-motion. This paper proposes a robust and accurate visual odometry method by fusing inertial measurement unit(IMU) sensor data: we use GPU-based SIFT features for online odometry estimation and improve its stability by fusing IMU(More)
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