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We report a fabrication method for flexible and printable thermal sensors based on composites of semicrystalline acrylate polymers and graphite with a high sensitivity of 20 mK and a high-speed response time of less than 100 ms. These devices exhibit large resistance changes near body temperature under physiological conditions with high repeatability (1,800(More)
Small interfering RNA (siRNA) is an effective and specific method for silencing genes. However, an efficient and non-toxic carrier is needed to deliver the siRNA into the target cells. Tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) plays a central role in the occurrence and progression of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In this study, we pre-synthetized a degradable cationic(More)
microRNAs (miRNAs) are short non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression by base pairing with their target messenger RNAs. Dysregulation of miRNAs is involved in the pathological initiation and progression of many human diseases. miR-221 and miR-222 (miR-221/222) are two highly homologous miRNAs, and they are significantly overexpressed in several types(More)
This article studies the influences of three different strategies of distributor price promotion, i.e. award-type price promotion, threat-type price promotion and rebate, on manufacturer’s sales performance by empirical research, and analyzes the regulatory effect of promotion strength in the influence of two price promotion strategies on manufacturer’s(More)
Abstract: The study is to propose the local damage indices of composite frame structures consisting of high-strength concrete columns confined by continuous compound spiral ties and steel beams (CCSTRCS), the local damage indices would lay a foundation for the study of the overall damage indices for composite CCSTRCS frame. The Mehanny damage model has been(More)
Thiol-click reactions lead to polymeric materials with a wide range of interesting mechanical, electrical, and optical properties. However, this reaction mechanism typically results in bulk materials with a low glass transition temperature (Tg ) due to rotational flexibility around the thioether linkages found in networks such as thiol-ene, thiol-epoxy, and(More)
The article makes the improvement on the literature[1] which is based on the ID key management according to the wireless sensing network's characteristic. With the ring-tree topology structure's foundation and the LEAP agreement, the article can use the multinomial and the hashing function to make the wireless sensing network's connectivity achieve to 1,(More)
Performance-based seismic design (PBSD) method has been widely recognized in recent years, it can be used for the future structural design. And the direct displacement-based design method (DDBD) is one of the most effective ways to implement the performance-based seismic design (PBSD) theory in current. In this paper, aiming to the composite frame(More)
Tissue cells respond to changes in tensional forces with proliferation or death through the control of RhoA. However, the response coupling mechanisms that link force with RhoA activation are poorly understood. We found that tension applied to fibronectin-coated microbeads caused recruitment of all three isoforms of the Shc adapter (p66Shc, p52Shc, and(More)
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