Kejia Hu

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PURPOSE This study evaluated functional outcomes and safety after endoscopic and open bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome release in opposite hands of the same patients through a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trial data. MATERIALS AND METHODS Randomized controlled trials involving both methods in opposite hands of patients with bilateral carpal(More)
BACKGROUND Despite ongoing progress in our understanding of long-term outcomes following neuromodulation procedures, acute adverse outcomes shortly after deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatment have remained remarkably limited. OBJECTIVE To identify risk factors associated with acute 30-day outcomes following DBS treatment in Parkinson's disease (PD)(More)
BACKGROUND Because peripheral nerve surgery has become more common in recent years, the pressure to increase this procedure's health care safety and cost-effectiveness has increased. Given our limited understanding, we evaluated prospectively identified and randomly sampled patients who underwent peripheral nerve surgery from 2005 to 2014 through the(More)
BACKGROUND With the tremendous advances in the field of brain-computer interfaces (BCI), the literature in this field has grown exponentially; examination of highly cited articles is a tool that can help identify outstanding scientific studies and landmark papers. This study examined the characteristics of 100 highly cited BCI papers over the past 10 years.(More)
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