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Traditional routing protocols as TCP/IP can not be directly used in WSN, so special data-centric routing protocols must be established. The raised data-centric routing protocols can not identify the sensor nodes, because many nodes work under a monitoring task, and the source of data is not so important some times. The sensor node in the network can not(More)
Localization is a key technology in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), while localization in three dimensional environments is very popular and will lead the future development of localization technology. We proposed an algorithm named LS3D DV-Hop (Layered structure based 3D DV-Hop), based on one of the typical range-free localization algorithm DV-Hop. We(More)
Localization of sensors nodes is a key and fundamental issue in wireless sensor networks due to random deployment. In this paper, we propose a tree based clustering (TBC) multidimensional scaling algorithm for wireless sensor networks with the purpose of overcoming the shortage of classical MDS algorithms in its localization accuracy and computing(More)
Now in these days location aware application development and services are in fashion. These applications are providing services according to the locality of users. Therefore, location estimation is a branch of communication and computing which provides ease in service distribution. In our proposed work, different techniques of location estimation methods(More)