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Properties of an antiserum against native dynein 1 from sea urchin sperm flagella
Effects of an antiserum against native dynein 1 from sperm flagella of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus were compared with effects of an antiserum previously obtained against anExpand
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Immunological dissimilarity in protein component (dynein 1) between outer and inner arms within sea urchin sperm axonemes
The 0.5 M KCl-treatment solubilizes the outer arms from sea urchin sperm axonemes. Approximately 30 percent of A-polypeptide, corresponding to dynein 1 in SDS- polyacrylamide gel, was solubilized byExpand
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Crystalline conformation and structure of lichenan and barley β-glucan
An investigation based on X-ray fiber diffraetion and conformational analysis methods has provided a proposed chain conformation and crystalline structure for lichenan, a poly β(1 → 3) cellotriose.Expand
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Preparation of antiserum against a tryptic fragment (fragment A) of dynein and an immunological approach to the subunit composition of dynein.
An improved method for purifying the tryptic fragment (Fragment A) of flagellar ATPase (dynein) from sea urchin spermatozoa is described. The preparation appears homogeneous as judged byExpand
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Dynein 2. A new adenosine triphosphatase from sea urchin sperm flagella.
A new ATPase electrophoretically and immunologically distinct from the dynein ATPase studied previously has been solublized and purified from sea urchin sperm flagella. This ATPase has propertiesExpand
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The effect of antidynein 1 serum on the movement of reactivated sea urchin sperm
Rabbit antiserum prepared against an ATPase-containing tryptic fragment of dynein by Ogawa and Mohri (J. Biol. Chem. 250: 6476-6483) specifically inhibited the ATPase activity of dynein 1 and notExpand
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Effects of antibodies against dynein and tubulin on the stiffness of flagellar axonemes
Antidynein antibodies, previously shown to inhibit flagellar oscillation and active sliding of axonemal microtubules, increase the bending resistance of axonemes measured under relaxing conditions,Expand
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Dynein 1 from rainbow trout spermatozoa: immunological similarity between trout and sea urchin dynein 1.
Abstract This paper is the first biochemical presentation on dynein 1 from vertebrate spermatozoa. Axoneme of rainbow trout spermatozoon is surrounded by the functionally differentiated flagellarExpand
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