Keizo Murotsu

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This study investigated the relationship between binge-purge episodes and the affective state by analysing the changes in affective states during the binge-purge cycle. Thirty-seven Japanese patients with bulimia nervosa were surveyed for 22 types of affective states. Some negative affects were alleviated by bingeing or purging, while others were(More)
It has been recommended that terminal cancer patients be shifted from the hospital to their homes. In our hospital, a visitor palliative care team was started for the purpose of the early introduction of palliative care, and home shifts were promoted. The results of home shifts by the visitor palliative care team from 2008 to 2012 were examined. Home shifts(More)
The patient was a 30-year-old woman with right tongue cancer and SCC (T4N2bM0). After it had relapsed, the outpatient palliative care conference intervened. The purpose of intervention was as follows: pain control, nutrition management, home recuperation support, and relief of a spiritual pain. We could achieve the patient's desire to recuperate at home as(More)
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